Casting Call For ‘The Storyteller’

The subject and namesake of our latest article series – The Storyteller Series – is moving along through the pre-production stage and is currently casting the main roles. If you are an actor and interested in submitting, read on!

The producers are looking for actors who can work as LOCAL INDIANA HIRES ONLY. This means you either live in Indiana, or are willing to fly yourself out and put yourself up for the shoot. Production will not be able to pay for travel/accommodation of any actors coming from out of state. Please indicate in your submission that you are able to work as an INDIANA LOCAL HIRE or they will not be able to consider your submission. Please also include the name of the character you are submitting for, as well as a direct link to your demo reel – any submissions without a demo reel will not be considered.

These are the characters that are currently being cast:

MAGGIE – Female, 40 LEAD. Maggie is Jen’s adopted mother, and takes Abby in as a foster kid. Jen and Maggie have a challenging relationship. A frustrated writer, and an English teacher. Maggie had an affair with John right before her husband Michael died, and was planning to leave Michael to be with him. But his death caused her such tremendous guilt that she pushed John away even though she still loves him. SAG or NON-UNION may submit.

ABBY – Female, 9-11 years old LEAD. Abby is the film’s protagonist. She is enigmatic, intelligent, and disarming with a maturity that outstrips her years. Abby has darkness in her past, and a secret that she only shares with a select few. SAG or NON-UNION may submit. Must be Indiana local hire and comfortable with a lot of dialogue and VO.  PLEASE SPECIFY IN THE NOTES SECTION THAT YOU CAN WORK INDIANA LOCAL HIRE OR WE WILL NOT LOOK AT YOUR SUBMISSION.

JOHN – Male, 40-45 LEAD. John is a washed up rock musician who now teaches music at the local high school. He had an affair with Maggie while she was married, and she was going to leave her husband for him. When her husband died, she pulled away, and they haven’t been in relationship for some years. John has not been able to let go of his feelings for her, and has become bitter and angry as a result. When Maggie asks him to teach the girls over the summer, they are brought back into relationship. MUST play Guitar at a very high level and SING. Please indicate level of experience with guitar and vocal range. Include any vocal or music samples with submission. SAG or NON-UNION. PLEASE SPECIFY IN THE NOTES SECTION THAT YOU CAN WORK INDIANA LOCAL HIRE OR WE WILL NOT LOOK AT YOUR SUBMISSION.

ROSEMARY – Female, 80s-90 years old LEAD. Rosemary is Maggie’s grandmother, and raised Maggie as her own. She lives in a nursing home and suffers from Lewy Bodies Dimentia. She lost her sister Abigail when she was a child, and believes Abby to be this lost sister. She is 89 years old, and about to celebrate her 90th birthday. She is a strong, independent and self-reliant woman who reverts into a childlike state at times. SAG or NON-UNION. Must be an Indiana local hire.  PLEASE SPECIFY IN THE NOTES SECTION THAT YOU CAN WORK INDIANA LOCAL HIRE OR WE WILL NOT LOOK AT YOUR SUBMISSION.

CAROL – Female 40-50 SUPPORTING. Carol works for social services. She takes on Abby’s case and discovers Abby’s true origins. SAG or NON-UNION.

DOCTOR GORDON – Female 50-60s SUPPORTING. Doctor Gordon is a family psychologist who works with Social Services. She has a session with Abby to determine Abby’s mental state. SAG or NON-UNION.

STORY LINE: A young girl claiming to be immortal is placed in a foster home, uniting an unlikely family as she explores a world teeming with magic to escape the traumas of a dark past.

To submit, please email character name, headshot, resume and demo reel link to STORYTELLERSMOVIE@GMAIL.COM – do not send video files. Links only.


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