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Veteran talent agent Budd Moss has one or two stories to share from his 55-year (and counting) career working for and with some of the biggest stars of Hollywood. In his new book – Hollywood: Sometimes the Reality is Better than the Dream – he dishes up anecdotes from the Golden Age of cinema, but it’s not all celebrity gossip; there’s a lesson to be learned from looking at the past.

To promote his book, Budd Moss (coincidentally the agent of Constance Towers; one of The Storyteller‘s cast members) guested Larry King Now, which you can see below. He recounts how stars were made by passionate people with a vision, and he acknowledges how embarrassingly (his word) hard it is for today’s actors to even get considered for a bit part in a TV show.

So what’s the take-away from this? In my opinion, that they’re still out there. The good guys. The people who wants you to succeed and who wants to see movies made because of the magic, not because of the YouTube views. And that’s a comforting thought for young filmmakers.




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