$150 Lenses vs $15,000 Lenses – Is There A Difference?

The points this video are making ring so true with me right now. I just purchased a small handful of old Canon FD lenses, which, via a Zhongyi Lens Turbo adapter, attaches to my mirrorless MFT camera for some pretty sexy images. And they’re super cheap. As in $50 for an f1.4 50mm cheap. But if they’re put to the test, can they deliver when they’re up against some stellar cinema lenses worth thousands of dollars?

RocketJump Film School did a field test and, I gotta say, I like the results. I completely acknowledge that there are many uses where the cheap lenses would tank, but for a filmmaker on a budget, with little more than a prosumer 4K camera and a creative urge, the cheap lenses can mean the difference between getting a great shot – and staying on your couch, drooling over equipment you can’t afford.

Can you tell the difference?


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