Do You Know: Shane Hurlbut, ASC

We’ve mentioned him before, and for good reason. In the world of online knowledge-sharing, Shane Hurlbut is a true champion. He’s not only a seasoned A-list cinematographer, he’s also a ditto educator. And you should take advantage. So we ask, Do You Know Shane Hurlbut, ASC?

If you have questions about lighting, equipment, safety on set or any of the other 317.000 things a good cinematographer needs to consider, chances are Shane Hurlbut knows the answer. His credits include Terminator: Salvation, Act of Valor, Need For Speed, Fathers & Daughters, We Are Marshall and many more, but in this context our focus will be on his passion for sharing what he’s learned in his years on the job. His website,, is a treasure trove of articles, How-To’s, product tests, and glimpses from behind the scenes of major Hollywood productions. If you want to dive even further, you’ll find Shane’s Inner Circle, which is a member’s only section of his website that offers premium content for a modest fee.

We highly recommend you spend some time getting to know Shane Hurlbut, whether you are an aspiring cinematographer or simply curious about how the pros work.

A few of our favorite posts are linked below. Get to it.

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The Importance of Being Mobile

Photo credit: Shane Hurlbut

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