WATCH: Is It Beneficial To Work In More Than One Aspect Of Filmmaking?

There are a lot of moving parts in the filmmaking machinery – each part dependent on the next to be doing it’s job fully and efficiently. And while it’s important for everyone (on set, in pre-production or post-production stages) to know their place in the proverbial machinery, it makes everything a whole lot easier if they also know just a little bit about what everyone else are doing.

In this video, Rachel Noll – at times a writer, at times a director, at times an actress, at times a producer, at all times a filmmaker – talks about the benefits of having been involved in more than one aspect of the filmmaking process.


Rachel is an independent filmmaker, screenwriter and actress living in Los Angeles. Her feature film, Don’t Pass Me By, is available worldwide, and her short film, Paramnesia, just won BEST SHORT at the LA Thriller Fest and is available as part of the acclaimed collection Fun Size Horror on all the major streaming platforms. She’s currently in development on several independent features and scripts, so keep a watchful eye.

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