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With the amount of competition already present in the film industry, we figured we should take a refreshing approach and focus on collaborations and a mutually beneficial awareness of resources. So here we go with a new series of articles called Do You Know?, in which we will be introducing you to resources, blogs, services, etc. that focus on empowering filmmakers.

First in the Do You Know? series is ISA. Well, do you know ISA? ISA is the International Screenwriters’ Association; an online portal that aims to support screenwriters of any level and background by providing writers with informational resources for career development and access to a growing, international community.  It can be absolutely exhausting to keep abreast of every new contest, writing job, or corner of the screenwriting world. This website tries to make it just a little bit easier.

While the interface could use a facelift (which I’ve been told is coming very soon, by the way), you shouldn’t let the grey surface deter you from exploring what’s underneath. The site has a list if free resources that might come in handy when you’re looking for inspiration, a section with available writing gigs, and then there’s the most interesting feature, in my opinion: their archive of teleconferences.

Now, these teleconferences are actually a lot less intimidating than they sound. The word teleconference, for me at least, brings about mental images of board rooms and suits and pressing questions. But really, they’re podcasts. Podcasts that span a wide range of topics, themes and formats, from audio lectures on storyline structure to interviews demystifying the processes behind closed studio doors. The common thread is that you will be smarter after listening. And that’s a good thing. Did we mention that the film industry is competitive? Be on top.

You can join ISA (for free) for a number of ‘Members Only’ offerings, or you can peruse their site at your leisure, pick and choose what’s useful to you, and simply bookmark it as a useful resource when needed.

You’re welcome.

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Mads is a Scandinavian-born, Los Angeles-based actor and aspiring film maker. He's dabbled in stunt driving (no one got hurt) and once rescued a baby bunny from his garage.

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