WATCH: What Is The Difference Between Score And Original Songs?

In a previous video, Jongnic Bontemps talked about the different ways of licensing music, whether it’s for a score you have commissioned for your film or a so-called sync license for your favorite tune by The Temptations. In this video, rather than talking about already published music you can get a sync license for, he discusses the difference between commissioning a score and commissioning a song.

As you’ll see, this is particularly important to know if your script calls for a character writing a song or playing in a band, but also if you need a song with lyrics or a melody specifically tailored to a certain scene. For example, in The Storyteller – the feature film for which we’re currently conducting (pardon the pun) a song search – music is an integral part of the story and several characters are singing and playing a song, which will be written specifically for the film.



Jongnic is a Los Angeles-based composer who has worked on anything from feature films to TV episodes to trailers to commercials to short form webseries. And no matter the medium, he approaches the project with the same level of respect, knowing that the music will have a profound impact on the viewer’s connection to the visuals.

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