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I have worked in the music business for years, helped license music for TV and film as a freelance music supervisor. I have even written articles on the subject of music licensing. And I still find the process confusing and daunting. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want someone else to do the legal heavy lifting for you. So I ask you; do you know Musicbed?

As an online, full service licensing platform, Musicbed takes the confusing and daunting parts out of the licensing process. It even makes it somewhat fun to find music for your project. With a roster of about 650 indie artists spanning a wealth of genres, Musicbed promises to help you find the perfect score, license it at a very reasonable price, and make sure you’re covered legally without overpaying for uses you don’t really need. The process is smooth. And the website is pretty sleek, too.

You’ll still want to familiarize yourself with terms like Sync/Master Use licensing, perpetual use, single use, and commercial vs non-commercial works. A good place to start is Musicbed’s Knowledge Base, but be sure to also see our other posts on music licensing.

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