Production Designers, Grab Your Spheres, Smoke Bombs, LEDs & Lasers

Sometimes inspiration finds you when you’re not looking. I was reading an article on Wired, not about filmmaking or technology or production design in the least, but about installation artist David Ogle and the otherworldly landscapes he creates using acrylic spheres, smoke bombs, LEDs and lasers.

The images of his work – part of an on-going project titled Looming – instantly took me to alien places of mystery and wonder. And they made me want to experiment with set design; take things a little further than I normally would have.

He favors materials he can carry easily, like spheres, smoke bombs, LEDs, and lasers. “I think stuff like technical or budget limitations forced you to think about materials,” he says. “You have to innovate with the best of what you have.”

So there you have it. Limitations can be beautiful, if you think outside the box. Already waaaaay ahead of myself, I started googling and found an 18″ clear acrylic sphere for $45, an assortment of smoke bombs for $35 and LED lights ranging from $3 to $30. I can’t wait to start creating.

All images by David Ogle and Andrew Brooks:






h/t Wired

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