Do You Know Vimeo Video School?

With the amount of competition already present in the film industry, we felt compelled to go down a different path and focus instead on collaborations and a mutually beneficial awareness of resources. And so began our series of articles called Do You Know?, in which we will be introducing you to resources, blogs, services, etc. that focus on empowering filmmakers.

Filmmaker meet Vimeo. Vimeo meet filmmaker. Oh, you already know each other? Of course you do. Vimeo is the go-to for high quality video hosting and has long been home to the most beautiful videos on the Internet – with a lot less distractions (oh look, KITTENS!) than on big brother YouTube. You’ve almost certainly also seen their Vimeo Staff Picks; a collection of short films and documentaries highlighting the best and the brightest among new filmmaking talent.

But do you know the Vimeo Video School?

Video School is a curated archive of videos on Vimeo that will help you learn about filmmaking through tutorials, lessons, advice, case studies and interviews with industry pros and creatives. All for the collective betterment of the visual medium and all of us who are trying to master it.

Need the scoop on how to compress video like a pro? Not a problem.



Just getting started with Final Cut Pro X? Check out the complete 17-episode tutorial.



Not sure how to go about shooting on your smartphone? There’s a lesson series for that, too.



And lots and lots of inspiration. Just dig deep.

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Mads is a Scandinavian-born, Los Angeles-based actor and aspiring film maker. He's dabbled in stunt driving (no one got hurt) and once rescued a baby bunny from his garage.

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