WATCH: What Makes A Good Film Editor?

In my opinion, editors are the (too often) unsung heroes of filmmaking. Editing can drastically enhance the impact of a scene. And just like bad audio can completely ruin perfectly shot footage, bad editing can ruin the flow of your film.

I look at it like this: the editing determines the heartbeat of film. It can be fast, it can be relaxed, it can be erratic. It helps the viewer connect to characters and story arcs – it even triggers the viewer to feel the feels you want them to. But you don’t want any of this to be obvious. In fact, Jimmie Rhee – editor with 10 years experience – will go so far as to say that the goal of a good editor should be to eliminate himself from the product. In this latest video from our recent chat with Jimmie, he talks about how he came to this conclusion, how he learned to edit and what makes a good editor – in the cut vs. in the editing room.



Jimmie Rhee is a director, editor and 360° videographer with experience in everything from documentaries to FX-heavy commercial productions. His latest venture, Virtuality Lab, explores the exciting possibilities with 360° video.

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