‘For Your Consideration’ Screenplays Are Mandatory Reading

Every year, as the weather gets cooler and awards season rolls around, the kind folks over at IndieWire round up the screenplays that are available as a free download ‘For Your Consideration’.

In the post it’s pointed out how screenwriters can learn a great deal from studying the work of their (probably more successful) peers. We obviously couldn’t agree more, but let’s take it even a step further and make these screenplays required reading for any budding filmmaker. You will not just learn about structure, story and dialogue. You’ll also find out what choices the director made, what choices the cinematographer made, how the designers made the scripted world come alive and how the actors breathed life into the written dialogue.

Study the work of others. Use it. Enjoy it. Learn from it. Download one of these scripts, break it down and make a shot list, watch the film, see what you missed or how your choices would have changed the experience. Whichever way you decide to use it, this is a great resource.

Download the screenplays for Inside Out, Room, Carol, Straight Outta Compton, Trainwreck, Trumbo – or see the complete (and continuously updated) list on IndieWire.

Not included on the list (at time of writing, at least) is Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay for Steve Jobs. Here you go.

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