WATCH: The Art Of Learning As You Go (or Just Get It Done)

You probably know the feeling. You have the great ideas, you want to do your vision justice on film, and so you’re careful about doing everything exactly right. But what if you’re faced with a problem you don’t necessarily know the solution to? Your attention to detail – your perfectionism – holds you back.

Well, Rachel Noll is here to tell you that learning by doing is an art form, and one of the most important lessons you can force yourself to learn if you want to produce your own film. Sure, you want everything to be done right, but if you’re working on a low-to-no budget, chances are that you’re often better off simply getting things done, than worrying about getting things done right. Because if you won’t settle for anything less than perfection, you’ll be stopping production before you even get started.


Rachel is an independent filmmaker, screenwriter and actress living in Los Angeles. Her feature film, Don’t Pass Me By, is available worldwide, and her short film, Paramnesia, just won BEST SHORT at the LA Thriller Fest and is available as part of the acclaimed collection Fun Size Horror on all the major streaming platforms. She’s currently in development on several independent features and scripts, so keep a watchful eye.

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