FRIDAY FLUFF: Be Inspired By ‘Best Of Vimeo Staff Picks’

Top 10 Lists, Likes, Staff Picks – feel how you will about the various means of content curation and quantitative validation out there, I mean, who’s to say what’s good and what’s better, right? Still, sometimes it’s satisfying to let other people (or even algorithms) do the bulk of the work, and just sit back and be inspired.

For your inspirational pleasure, here is a ‘Best Of’ list from Vimeo, highlighting ten extraordinary videos with just the one thing in common that they were all at one point granted that coveted little badge; Vimeo Staff Pick. The Vimeo Staff Pick tradition is just days away from reaching a major milestone in having hand-picked 10.000 videos from the many more that are created and uploaded every single day.

So please. Be inspired. Borrow ideas. And visit Vimeo for the story behind each of these fantastic videos.





















h/t Vimeo


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