UPDATE: ‘The Storyteller’ In Finals Of PAGE International Screenwriting Awards

UPDATE: The finalists in this year’s PAGE International Screenwriting Awards competition have just been announced. From the roughly 8000 submitted scripts, a panel of judges have now narrowed it down to just ten scripts in ten different categories. In the ‘Family’ category, we’re delighted to say that The Storyteller is among those ten.

The Storyteller is, of course, the subject of our on-going series on independent filmmaking, in which we follow the production along every possible step of the way – from idea to writing to casting to shooting to editing and so on and so forth until the film is distributed. You can catch up on the whole thing here.

Congratulations to writers Rachel Noll and Joe Crump for making it to the finals!

UPDATE: We’re very excited to announce that The Storyteller – the feature film we’re following through every stage of production – has made it into the semi-finals of the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. Be sure to follow our article series, giving you an honest and up-close look at what it’s actually like to make a low-budget feature film.

The Storyteller – a magical-fantastical script about an immortal young girl and her struggle to connect in a changing world – has advanced to the quarter finals of the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards.

Why are we so excited about this? Well, first of all, because we know exactly how laborious a process it is to write a feature film screenplay, so whenever someone is recognized for their efforts, that’s worth celebrating. Second, The Storyteller is, as you may remember, written by 20 Question Film’s Joe Crump and Rachel Noll and we’re currently working on an (extremely) in-depth article series about the filmmaking process from start to finish, using as an example – you guessed it – The Storyteller. In the article series Joe and Rachel, along with their crew and collaborators, will provide a completely open and honest view of exactly what it takes to make a film.

But more on that soon.

PAGE International Screenwriting Awards is a screenwriting competition open for all to enter, judged by a number of working film industry professionals with years of experience evaluating and developing scripts for major studios, agencies and production companies. From roughly 8000 submitted scripts the semi-finals have now narrowed that number down to just 25 scripts in each category.

We’ll be following along as the competition enter the finals before announcing the winners of each category on October 15th.


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