WATCH: What Is The Difference Between Motion Graphics and Visual FX?

“Filmmaking” might be a very general expression, but when you start “making films” you will realize that it is a highly specialized field and as such comes with a slew of terms, concepts and names, each representing a unique aspect of this wonderful process. Do you, for instance, know exactly what the difference is between Motion Graphics and Visual FX? Fede Ponce does.



Fede Ponce has been in the entertainment industry for more than 15 years and he is humbled by having had the lucky opportunity to work on some of the biggest blockbusters to date.  Whether leading global campaigns of MAIN TITLES for MARVEL movies as Creative Director (Iron Man, Thor, Avengers) or creating a metal suit for Iron Man as a VFX supervisor, he has found himself working with some of the most creative people in entertainment. He has directed commercials and video game cinematics. However, he always dreamed of developing his own project. He received the help of Bertha Navarro, producer for Guillermo Del Toro, and has worked closely with Academy Award winning writer Zachary Sklar to ensure his project, Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey, is founded on an incredibly solid story.

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Mads is a Scandinavian-born, Los Angeles-based actor and aspiring film maker. He's dabbled in stunt driving (no one got hurt) and once rescued a baby bunny from his garage.

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