UPDATE: EMMY Nomination for Children of Internment

UPDATE: The EMMY for Historical Documentary was awarded on July 18th and unfortunately Children of Interment did not take home the statue. Regardless, Joe Crump (co-director and -producer along with his sister, Kristina Wagner) wanted to pass along a sincere thanks to Bill Perry at OETA PBS for submitting the film for consideration, as well as to Tom Parris, the cast, interviewees, scholars and families involved, Rich Bair for composite work, the production team – and friends and families for love and support.


PBS has been – and continues to be – a great supporter of the documentary, and even to be nominated has been a huge honor and lots of fun.


Sometimes you’re allowed to toot your own horn, and well, here at 20 Questions Film we’re mighty proud to say that Children of Internment – the historical documentary by our very own Joe Crump and his sister Kristina Wagner – has been nominated for a regional EMMY.


Thousands of German and Japanese families were interned by the United States during WWII, taken from their homes and schools, denied “due process” and imprisoned in over 200 detention and internment camps throughout the United States and Latin America. The documentary, Children of Internment, tells the heartbreaking stories of former internees and their families.

The documentary is nominated in the ‘Best Historical Documentary’ category for the Heartland Region. Winners are announced July 18th. We’ll cross our fingers for Joe and Kristina until then.

A special thank you to Bill Perry and OETA out of Oklahoma for leading the way in getting our film nominated for the Emmy.

Check out the trailer here and read the filmmaker bios below:



Kristina Wagner is a daytime TV veteran with 25 years on General Hospital. She also majored in history and wrote her thesis paper on the detainment of Americans during WWII. With Children of Internment these two worlds collide most beautifully, as Kristina not only approached the material with academical precision, but also with a journalistic accuracy she picked up during her 25 years as a soap star doing countless interviews. She knew that sometimes the things that are said in an interview aren’t always conveyed accurately with the final outcome, so she made it a priority to be as accurate with her documentary storytelling as possible.

Joe Crump is the founder of 20 Questions Film. He graduated film school in 1981 and worked in the industry for a decade, but got sidetracked when one of his scripts were picked up by Fox, then rewritten, then dropped, ultimately giving Joe a desire to finance his own film. Which led him to a career as an investor. With Children of Internment he is back in the business, having fun making movies and already have several new feature film scripts in development.

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