WATCH: What Made You Choose To Be A Producer?

How do we end up where we do? As with most things in life, your career path can be quite enigmatic and seemingly random. Luckily, humans are (all things considered) adaptable and the creative souls amongst us have a tendency to find their way onto a path that’s a fine mix of passion and prowess. All this to say that sometimes you don’t necessarily choose to be this or that, you rather happen to find out what you’re really good at – and being good at something is always a pleasant, sustaining feeling.

In this video interview with producer Buz Wallick, we talk about how he came to be a producer and what that entails.



Buz Wallick is an independent producer in Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in Northern California, he cultivated a love and fascination with cinema. Buz has the unique background of being self taught and working on the crew of over 100 projects, including Cinematographer of the award winning documentary Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy . In 2012 Buz began to produce and with his extensive knowledge of film production Buz does what he loves to do; tell stories through the art of cinema.

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