Do You Know The Bureau of Creative Works?

Competition is fierce in the film industry, but let’s not worry about that for a minute and instead focus our attention on something that unites filmmakers. Something that believes in the creative power of supporting your peers.

We’d like to introduce you – as part of our ‘Do You know?’ series – to The Bureau of Creative Works.



Created by Erica Hampton and Mike Ambs, The Bureau is a film collective with the valiant goal of bridging a gap between audience and filmmaker by getting the audience involved in the process at the earliest possible stage – assuming responsibility, but also taking credit. According to their mission statement, the idea materialized after realizing how more and more digital media outlets are pushing to acquire short-films in exchange for only credit and recognition’ – a promise of legitimization through association, leaving filmmakers in an increasingly difficult and unsustainable situation.

The Bureau is set up to function is a year-long film grant supporting 12 filmmakers each year with funds for producing original short films, backed by the very audience the short films are made for. A kickstarter campaign is currently raising the funds for the first year of films – 10 of which has already been selected, leaving two spots open for you to apply for.

Please visit The Bureau of Creative Works for more info on this great project – and, if you can, please support the campaign on kickstarter.

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