WATCH: How To Find A Composer For Your Project

Filmmaking is a collaborative effort, but even so, especially if you are shooting a low-budget, DIY project, you will be dealing with a lot of issues you don’t necessarily know a whole lot about. Music is probably one of those things.

It’s important. We can all agree on that. It can even elevate your project to another level of engagement. But how do you go about getting that perfect score for your project? Well, you start with the composer, of course.

Here are composer Jongnic Bontemps’ suggestions for how you go about finding a composer to work with.


Jongnic is a Los Angeles-based composer who has worked on anything from feature films to TV episodes to trailers to commercials to short form webseries. And no matter the medium, he approaches the project with the same level of respect, knowing that the music will have a profound impact on the viewer’s connection to the visuals.

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